Automatic Bean Pie P...

Automatic Bean Pie Production Line

CPE-3100 Automatic Bean Pie Production Line

Machine Specification:


(I)  (L)18,588   x(W)3,145 x(H)1,590 mm

(II) (L)8,720   x(W)1,450 x(H)1,560 mm


380V50Hz3 Phase


14000 pcs/hr.

Product Weight

50 g/pc

Production Process:

Mixer -  dough mixing  -  Fermentation  -  CPE-3100  -  dough delivery  -  dough shaping 

   top and bottom dusting  -  rolling and thinning  -  top and bottom dusting       made into a dough  

   dough Spraying on the water  -  splitting the two halves of the dough  -  crowding the machine 

   stacking of the skin  -  free wheel preloading  -  hob sealing and cutting  -  cross cutter cutting  

  automatic tray machine  -  product packaging Plate 

 quick freezing -  product surface leaching -  ready for packaging 

The food produced by this machine
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